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Mark Luster's Iowa buck grosses over 200 inches typical. Mark Luster I had a shot at him in 2019, but my arrow hit a honeysuckle limb and wounded the animal, he says Record book buck taken in Adams County October 26, 2020 Mark Carpenter News 0 Corey Richmond with his big non-typical whitetail he arrowed recently in Adams County

Justin Bair with a 200″ buck out of Ohio! Justin pasted this buck up two years ago when its sheds scored 165″ and last year when he scored 185″! another fair chaise monster out of Ohio! 25 points. An Iowa Giant! Not a lot of love for Indiana but they do have some giants! Randy Voorhees 179 6/ Trophy Bucks of Iowa, Clarinda, Iowa. 110,609 likes · 5,373 talking about this · 39 were here. The go-to site for pictures of Iowa's greatest whitetails. Please share your personal trophy for all.. Hunting. Schmit's gorgeous Minnesota buck grossed 194 as a typical. Brett Schmit. To see more huge bucks from the 2020 deer season, check out our month-to-month breakdown of the biggest buck.

The 21-point buck is believed to be one of the three biggest bucks shot in the entire Northeast region, which includes 11 states, and will definitely find a spot high in the record book. Photo. Havick's record, and no pun intended, of putting his clientele on outstanding Iowa bucks speaks for itself and lends testimony to the productivity of the region as a whole. Our bigger bucks every yearwill be in the 170- to 180-inch class, he says. Last year (2017), we took the biggest buck we've taken off our property Hunting. Lee Abraham and his 204-inch Iowa monster. Lee Abraham. It takes a lot for a buck to be special in Iowa. A land of true whitetail giants, the convergence of genetics and abundant nutrition makes for a preponderance of big deer. Even so, 200-plus inch bucks are still a relative rarity that few hunters will ever see, much less get the. Ted Miller gets a shot at the biggest buck of his life! THP 2021 HUNT GIVEAWAY - https://bit.ly/2TJN3NdTHP MERCH - https://bit.ly/30ZC1rmLEARN ABOUT HUNTING.

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Big Buck Contest Rules of Entry: Contest open to hunters who legally harvested an antlered whitetail deer in the State of Iowa. Entries will be accepted starting 3:00 pm on Friday March 4, 2022 and close at 11:00 am on Sunday March 6, 2022. Antlers do not need to be mounted 4. Heartbreaker Buck. Adam Jordison of Iowa loved two things: deer hunting and shed hunting. One spring in Iowa, he drove home from college to do some shed hunting and found an incredible pair of some nontypical sheds of the same deer but different years. The next three years he put forth effort to locate and kill this buck but never got an.

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I shot my archery buck on the morning of October 20th, he says. The buck had 10-1/2 and 9-1/2-inch brow tines, and just the trash around his bases measured 18 inches. I had his gross. Ken Kwasniewski, of Elma, N.Y. shot this huge, 18-point buck with his bow on Nov. 3 in Elma in Erie County. It was a a 17-yard shot. He said the official gross green score of the antlers by an..

174-Inch Iowa Typical with a 300-Yard Muzzleloader Shot. March 8, 2021 | From Rack Reports . Keith Burgess had been practicing with his new muzzleloader. The co-host of Small Town Hunting planned to take the gun, a .45-caliber CVA Paramount, to Iowa and hopefully tag a big buck during the late season The buck's main beams are both over 32 inches and mass measurements are as high as 7-1/2. When mounted in a position that they look natural, they have an inside spread of nearly 24 inches. As it is, the buck scored 240 gross typical and nearly 219 net, more than five inches larger than the current Saskatchewan world record held by Milo Hanson Whitetail Properties Land Specialist Gabe Adair is no stranger to giant bucks. After a few close encounters with a 226 buck properly named, The Hammer he. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will host a virtual meeting at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 23, to review the recently completed hunting and trapping seasons, discuss possible changes to rules and regulations, and address other topics as requested and time allows. Trophy Bucks of Iowa. Yesterday at 6:18 AM ·

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Has anyone heard of the biggest typical buck shot this year? Menu. Home. Forums. New posts Search forums. Iowa Whitetail Conference . What is the biggest buck? . What is the biggest buck? Thread starter big buck 184; Start date Jan 20, 2002; Tags None. It's All About A Giant Possible Record Buck In Iowa. Austin Pontier shot this giant of a whitetail close to Osceola, Iowa, on November 6 and word has it that the trophy has unheard of mass. When you evaluate the images, any seasoned hunter could say the this buck is maybe a 200 score, or a 210 and maybe even a 220 But take a good look a t this colossus buck taken in Truro, Iowa by a young hunter named Austin Pontier. Early rumors put the deer anywhere from the high 190's to 230 gross. If it proves nearly as big as it looks in the photo, Pontier's buck will have at least a shot at Mell Johnson's 51-year-old archery, typical world record of 204-4/8.

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  1. Slick. Active Member. Aug 1, 2019. #3. Several years back a Game Warden in South Central Iowa had a 178 inch 6 point killed by a poacher. It was giant!
  2. December 16, 2020 2:12 PM ET. Font Size: A 14-year-old Kansas girl shot a buck with 42-scorable points, capturing the record for the largest non-typical whitetail shot by a female hunter, according to reports. Paslie Werth, 14, shot the buck only one day after the Kansas youth hunting season began in September, according to Fox News
  3. Save. EAST TAWAS - An 11-year-old girl's 13-point buck has won the 2020 Oscoda Press and Iosco County News-Herald Big Buck Bonanza contest. The buck was shot by Emmeline Olar, 11, of National City on Nov. 16 while hunting in Burleigh Township. Her entry weighed in at 163 pounds dressed and the antlers have a 17 1/2-inch spread

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The arrow hits its mark, and the buck bounded toward Iverson's stand in the woods. He stopped broadside at about 15 yards, so I started knocking another arrow just in case. Then he collapsed right there. Jeff shoots a Mathews Z-7 and uses Carbon Express F-15 broadheads. Iverson was especially careful to make sure that first shot was. It's no secret that the Midwestern part of the U.S. has great deer hunting and produces huge bucks every year. The Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books are full of bucks from this area of the country. Most of the states in the Midwest sell thousands of nonresident deer hunting licenses every year to hunters who don't have a realistic chance of taking a big, mature buck where they live

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Deer Hunting in Iowa. The return of the white-tailed deer as a major game species in Iowa is a tribute to good landowner attitude and progressive management, research and enforcement programs. Likewise, responsibility for the future of deer in Iowa depends upon the cooperation of hunters and landowners, preservation of critical timber habitat. April 09, 2020 1 min read. On this episode of the Drop-Tine Report, Jacob Darbyshire of Iowa discusses harvesting a 254-inch giant with his bow last season. This buck was the largest buck killed in Iowa during the 2019 season. Jacob talks about how small the bucks' core area was, how trail cameras helped him pattern the buck, and how he was.

An 8-year-old girl in Iowa scored a massive, 179⅜-inch whitetail buck earlier this year during the state's youth season, marking it her third big buck in as many years. As the stepdaughter of Victory Outdoors' Curt Goettsch, Natalie Kesper has a built-in advantage when it comes to Iowa whitetail hunting Bryant, who had a prior injury from a work accident, shot the buck as it trailed a doe in front of his treestand. 6. Tony Fulton. Tony Fulton's No. 6 all time non-typical is a sight to behold, with 45 scoreable points and a total score of 295 6/8 B&C. Fulton killed the monster buck in Winston County, Miss., in 1995 Bills saw the buck headed his way in a hurry and took aim with his shotgun. Bills made the fateful shot, killing the No. 11 typical whitetail of all time, scoring 201 4/8 B&C from the state of Iowa. Interestingly enough, the buck had a broken brow tine but was still able to place high in the record book From USA Today: The youth deer hunting season in Kansas got off to a doozy of a start Fourteen-year-old Paslie Werthshot a once-in-a-lifetime deer on Sept. 6 — a 40-point, free-range whitetail buck tallying a gross green score of 282 6/8 inches — while rifle hunting on family property with her father, Kurt, in Kiowa County. When the rack is officially scored after the required 60-day. Buck breaking record, Cimarron teen secures world record for largest non-typical whitetail harvested. CIMARRON, Kan. (KSNW) - With hunting seasons well underway in the state of Kansas, a.

The author's friend Mike Mattly shot this 200-inch Iowa buck using a CVA Scout rifle chambered in .444 Marlin. With a 200-yard zero and a 24-inch barrel, Hornady's 265-grain LeverRevolution .444 Marlin bullet drops about 18.5 inches at 300 yards Paslie Werth shot this 178-inch buck last season. Kurt Werth. For some perspective, the biggest nontypical shot with a firearm in Kansas was a 280 4/8-inch buck taken in 1987 by Joseph Waters. Mark Watson came close to breaking that record in 2018 with a buck that measured 280 inches I just thought I'd share this buck. Shot tonight by high schooler by bow at 15 yards. Im not a professional by any means but I scored the buck quick to get an idea. The buck has a 25 7/8 inside spread. Let me know if you guys would like more info. I gross scored him at 209 Call it a cabin-fever buck — the photographs of a supposed 412-pound white-tailed buck deer circulating among e-mails of late, that is. The thing, in a classic bowhunting success pose with.

NBBC - ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED © 2018 - Built and Maintained by Napleswebscapes.co It took a couple of nocks, literally, but Steve Binkley of Lamoni, Iowa, received his Halloween treat four days early in 2008. Even after Steve's first arrow drove home, the buck he shot on Oct. 27 took only a few hops before watching the thoroughly discombobulated bowhunter nock another arrow and trip his release a second time Hunter charged with illegally bagging trophy buck. WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa sportsman who earned national attention for a trophy whitetail deer he shot on his rural Marion County farm is.

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Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 7:39 PM PST. If records are made to be broken, Orfordville hunter Nate Olsen's trophy buck may soon hold that title. I've shed hunted a lot. I've hunted a lot. I. A 14-year-old girl has set a world record after taking down a buck with 42-scorable points. Now, the teen holds the record for the largest non-typical whitetail shot by a female hunter. Paslie.

If there is a big buck across the fence it may be because someone else has already invested in it. Posted by Buck Manager January 16, 2020 July 31, 2020 Posted in Deer Hunting Leave a comment on Screening Cover for Better Deer Huntin (Image: Screenshot from video/world record non-typical whitetail taken by a female) On September 6, 2020, 14-year-old Paslie Werth reportedly set a world record simply by squeezing a trigger, cleanly harvesting a 42-point world record non-typical whitetail buck whose antlers later measured 271 4/8 by Boone and Crockett.. At the risk of being sexist, the record she set was that of the largest. Big success with deer contest. Jim Spilka harvested this 16-point buck this archery season, and he's won the 2020 Daily News' Deer of the Year Contest with his entry. Dave Yeager scored this 11-point buck on Oct. 20 during the archery season in Pere Marquette Township If your looking for crashin antlers, locking horns and Iowa Whitetail Deer hunting and big bucks . Southern, Iowa ZONE 4 & 5. 515-208-3347. 100% FAIR CHASE . IOWA IS A DRAW STATE. YOU MUST APPLY FOR A DEER TAG . BY JUNE 1st TO HUNT WITH US!!!! *****NEW FOR 2019 ELITE FARM HUNTS.***** IF YOU'VE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO HUNT 5.5 YEAR OL If you have digital photos you can email them directly to the webmaster at curtis@vermontbiggametrophyclub.com. Please send full resolution files in JPEG format. or. If you have prints only then you have two choices. You can scan them yourself at 600 dpi., save as JPEG and then email to address above. or. Mail prints to: Vermont Big Game Trophy.

The 130-class buck is the finest buck I've ever shot with a muzzleloader, and the biggest I've taken on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Deer Hunting Maryland: Eastern Shore The Best We've always known the Eastern Shore is our best deer area in Maryland, said Doug Hotton, deer project leader for Maryland's Department of Natural. Hunter kills what could be largest buck ever shot in U.S. December 13, 2018 / 12:48 PM / CBS News A hunter in Illinois may have shot the largest buck ever in the United States, CBS Chicago/CBS. Looking ahead to potential 2019 rut hunts in Iowa, Justin Zarr and Matt Miller hit the road in search of public land options for late October and early November. Secluded bedding areas with ample buck sign is what they're looking for as they put together a plan for stand sites. Follow along to see what they find

This score makes Deric's deer not only the world's top bow buck of '16, but also No. 2 overall for the year. (No. 1 was Stephen Tucker's 312 0/8-inch muzzleloader buck from Tennessee, the highest-scoring whitetail ever shot by a hunter.) The Sieck buck also could be Top 3 in P&Y. Mike Beatty's 294 0/8 from Ohio is the bow world record Walter Scott: The big buck. Walter Scott is an outdoors enthusiast and freelance writer from Drakesville, Iowa. Written By: Walter Scott | 9:33 am, Dec. 13, 2020. ×. For years, the first weekend.

On September 6th, 14-year-old Paslie Werth harvested a massive 42-point buck with a rifle on her families property in Kansas. The buck, which initially tallied an unofficial gross green score of 282 6/8 inches, was thought to probably be a Kansas state record. According to KSN, the rack was officially measured by Boone and Crockett and pulled. The biggest deer to ever be killed is a whitetail buck that measured approximately 307 inches on the Boone and Crocket system, and was dubbed Iowa's walking world record in the February 2002 issue of North American Whitetail magazine. This buck was killed by a 15-year-old named Tony Lovstuen on the afternoon of September 29, 2003, during the. Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 9:14 PM PST. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — More information has been released about a shooting that killed a man in Black Hawk County that took place on Christmas Day.

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2020 WISCONSIN DEER HARVEST SUMMARY. Photo by Erik Barber. See a comparison of the 2019 and 2020 preliminary 9-day gun season harvest [PDF] Click on the season in the blue box below to see deer harvest totals by zone, county and type of deer harvested. Total season harvest to date Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios Little did I know that a few hours later a true Iowa giant would walk into the field upwind of us, just like we planned it. The buck entered the field only 40 yards away, I carefully helped her get in position to take the shot. She made an outstanding shot

It's the biggest buck I've shot so far, he said. Deer hunting, Dollison said, is needed in the state. It helps the DNR manage the population and check for disease, like Chronic Wasting Disease, which is 100 percent fatal in deer and can be spread easily The buck sported a 6X7 main frame with 21 scoreable points, 11 on the right and 10 on the left. The buck's main beams were of identical length at 23 5/8 inches each. Gross score for the buck was. S28.E23. Stephen McNelly has long dreamt of hunting top-end whitetails in Iowa. Of course, while a big Hawkeye State buck is the goal, the experience is a huge part of it. This hunt produces both in grand fashion. McNelly is hunting in Iowa, and opens the episode with a description of their pla.. Paslie Werth of Cimarron, Kansas, shot a 40-point whitetail buck while hunting in Kiowa County. The deer unofficially measured 282 6/8 inches, which would top the existing record of 280 4/8 inches

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Womack has a better shot at claiming the new world record for a typical whitetail taken with archery equipment. That record belongs to Mel Johnson and has stood since 1965. Mel's Perfect 6×6 Illinois deer scored 204 inches. Even if he can't reach the Hanson or Johnson buck, Womack will likely beat the current Oklahoma typical record of 194. Joe Franz of Clive shot the buck from a blind on October 12th of 2014, and it is believed to be the biggest trophy deer confirmed taken in Iowa by video. The DNR said Franz used salt licks put on. Posted by Buck Manager October 30, 2019 July 31, 2020 Leave a comment on Big Bucks Shot in 2019 Big Bucks Lurking in 2019 Opening weekend of the Texas 2019-20 General Gun Season is just days away and it's time to get pumped about white-tailed deer hunting This hunter shot the prize of a lifetime -- and he's only 9 years old. Cole Huwar, 9, from Brooksfield, Mo., shot a huge 17-point buck on Nov. 1, during the state's early youth portion of deer. November 7, 2020 - 10:16 am. Jody Dalton of Princeton, W.Va. with the massive 12 point buck he killed this week in Wyoming County. PRINCETON, W.Va. — The standing record for the largest.

A potentially record-breaking doozy. Fourteen-year-old Paslie Werth, of Cimarron, shot a once-in-a-lifetime deer last Sunday — a 40-point, free-range whitetail buck tallying a gross green score. Biggest Non-typical Whitetail Ever Killed By A Hunter. Tennessee native Stephen Tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47-point trophy whitetail. The 27-year-old farmer and avid deer hunter from Gallatin, Tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in November. The buck was measured on the Boone & Crockett scale as 312 3 ⁄ 8 inches David Clatt, a 68-year-old man from rural Whitehall, Wis., stands next to the 20-point buck he shot with a crossbow on Oct. 24. The buck, with 19 scoreable points, had an inside antler spread of.

Luce, 80, dropped the buck with one shot from her .243 at 175 yards. The deer has been gross scored at 160 2/8 B&C. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Luce) By Matt William I made a post yesterday about shooting my biggest buck ever with my dad's gun. He has his bucks and a bear notched/carved in the stock. Should I add mine? Kind of goes against anything I would do to a gun, but I think this could be the exception. What do you guys think

5. Iowa Iowa is a well-known big-buck producer. Hunters there have killed 264 B&C-qualifying bucks since 2010. Tags are allocated via lottery. Nonresident hunters often must spend three or four years accruing preference points before they draw a tag in Iowa. Buck tags also require purchasing an anterless permit The first time I rattled in a buck I was 13 years old and riding in the back of my mom's minivan. After watching countless big bucks get rattled in to their demise on Saturday morning hunting shows, I figured I'd give it a shot myself. While I was cracking my new rattling bag together driving home.. I watch him buck and kick out after the shot and run off. I know he is hit hard. I wait a couple of minutes for things to settle back down. I walk down to where he was standing and find blood instantly. I followed the blood trail 20 yards and look up and there he is 30 yards ahead. My biggest muley, this deer got bigger every time I looked at him They judged the buck to be 5 ½- to- 6 ½ years old at the time of death. As the result of high-quality deer management, the state of Missouri is a great place to find large bucks. In fact, the buck that still holds the world-record non-typical rack was discovered in North St. Louis County back in November of 1981

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This caliber has 20% less recoil than a .243 but gets 20% more penetration. The best part is the 350 Legend is a straight-walled cartridge. It is the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge ever made. So, for many states with restrictions, this is the ideal caliber. For people hunting in states like Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana this. The lucky hunter, Jason Sanders, killed the buck in central Illinois on 12/1/11 on opening day of the second firearm season. He had trail cam pictures of the deer from the summer and saw the buck the first gun season, but didn't like the shot and let him go by. He did a lot of thinking while waiting for the second gun season to arrive, but. S5.E15. Caleb Mason wastes no time harvesting the other top target on the farm, a buck known as Big 6. Jim Scherer uses a decoy in Illinois with a grunt call, pulling in a shooter buck for a shot. Zack Rozmus is able to pull off a self-filmed kill, tagging a giant-bodied Iowa bruiser. 1:00 Cal.. A trail cam photo of a backyard buck, the joy and surprise of Chinook in Indiana streams, the odd record of an Illinois northern hogsucker and the bounty of Iowa pheasants in 2020 are among the.


Buckeye Big Buck Club Record Book Search. Ohio Department of Natural Resources | Division of Wildlife Rack Type: County: Hunter: Net Score: Implement: Harvest Year: Rank: Typical: Non-Typical: All: All Greater Than or Equals: Less Than or Equals. 0/8. All. All. Top 10: Top 50: Top 100: All. Trophy Outfitters. Buckskin Trophy Outfitters. 11200 State Route 520. Killbuck, OH 44637. ph: 330-763-4832. Jared @buckskin trophyout fitters .com. Home. 2020-2021 Hunt Dates & Prices. Self Guided Hunts Big Game. 4:00am, July 6, 2021 Self-Filmed Video: Michigan Public Land Whitetail. Central Michigan isn't known as a hotbed for big bucks, but the host of MAD Forager encounters a mature whitetail on public land, and it's worth checking out. Rare Video: 5x4 Iowa Whitetail Attacks Bowhunter's Dead 4x4 Buck. June 29, 2021 Jan. 10, 2017 Updated: Jan. 10, 2017 5:14 p.m. A Tennessee man now officially holds a world record for a 47-point buck he shot in November. Stephen Tucker's buck was given a score of 312 3/8. Her mom told her if she got a buck this year she could hang the mount in the dining room, and less than 12 hours later she got this 5x5 during archery season in September. Courtesy photo Shot with.

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After the 60-day drying period, Norm Parchewsky, Robert Allemand, and Allan Holtvogt, all Boone and Crockett official measurers, scored the buck at 213-1/8 in a ceremony attended by more than 400 people. At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges' Panel declared Hanson's buck the new world's. A hunter who is already revoked for illegally killing trophy bucks was found to have killed three bucks this fall without a license. The largest of these bucks, a Boone and Crockett-sized 18-point buck, was shot with a rifle and spotlight while road hunting the night before the nine-day season. Hunting equipment and the three bucks were seized Trusted for generations. Buck knives are known for sharp edges and rugged durability. All Buck knives are backed by our famous Forever Warranty. Shop now Courthouse Address. PO Box 267 114 N Vine Street West Union, Iowa 5217 You can view data for all big-game species here. Vermont. The Fish & WildlifeDepartment reports hunters harvested 16,000 deer during the state's four 2017 seasons. That harvest was 13% higher than the previous three-year average, and the buck kill was 8% higher. Bowhunters arrowed 3,600 deer during the split 37-day season