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Blue-Eyed Shih Tzus usually have blue coats. Some dogs with typical coat colors typically have black eyes since it's the standard eye color for this breed. However, due to some health complications, their eyes may turn blue. For this reason, your best bet in getting a blue-eyed pup is by checking its coat Blue eyes that persist throughout life can occasionally be found in Shih Tzu. Such blue eyes (actually, often dark or light gray rather than bright blue) are found in blue dogs. Blue Shih Tzu lack a needed color gene for black. Their color is therefore dilute; they also have blue pigment on their muzzles, noses, lips, footpads, and eye rims Shih Tzu Puppy For Sale in HAYWARD, CA, USA. Have you ever seen gorgeous bright Husky eyes on a Shih Tzu? I thought not.. They are extremely rare and healthy. Purebred and pedigreed imperial shih tzus. Ive had my blue eyed dogs for years now and only family/friends have had the pleasure to own one of these beauties. Contact me if interested. ONE OF MY SHIH TZU PUPPIES WAS BORN WITH BLUE EYES. HE IS NOW 10 WEEKS OLD, AND THE EYES ARE STILL BLUE. HOW COMMON IS - Answered by a verified Dog Specialis

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  1. Chihuahua, Chocolate, Red, Health Guarantee, Blue, White, Black, Beautiful, Female, Family, Male, Puppy, Puppies, Lap Dog, Blue Eyes, AKC, Shih Tzu. Find Similar Dogs for Sale. Shih Tzu Puppies and Dogs From a Breeder Near You; Liver Puppies and Dogs From a Breeder Near You; Toy Puppies and Dogs From a Breeder Near Yo
  2. A Blue Dobie Shih Tzu is a very rare type of dog. These pups have tan markings in a specific pattern on certain locations of the dog's body - a spot right above both eyes, on the jowls, under the tail, and on the lower legs. These markings usually appear on dogs with black hair, and they are very rare on liver dogs
  3. Our dogs all carry the blue gene and my adults range from 3 to 12 lbs.We have Rare Exotic Colors- blue,solid white, silver and white,and liver shih tzu's,some of my dogs have blue and green eyes.We also have light colors like gold and white, brindles, and dark colors like Red & white & Black & white's
  4. On the other hand, this is the outcome of a genetic defect, so it is relatively rare. Blue eyes might also be a sign of keratitis or cataracts. Once your Shih Tzu's eye color changes to black from blue, you must immediately check your vet. Is liver Shih Tzu rare
  5. An ingrown eyelash will cause severe irritation to your Shih Tzu's eye. It will scratch at the eyeball and eventually cause impaired vision as it damages the lens. You can tell if your dog has an ingrown eyelash as you'll be able to see the offending hair. Another sign is that your Shih Tzu will most likely be scratching at it a lot
  6. The Blue-eyed Shih Tzu, from its name, has blue eyes, which is quite rare. Such a type usually happens when it lacks the color gene for black. The blue eyes result from a dilute pigmentation, giving the pup that unique color that sets it apart from its breed. Remember, though. The color blue in the eyes has nothing to do with the coat
  7. It is almost blue in color. Constant re-occuring eye infection in my Shih Tzu. Thick mucous constantly in eyes even after cleaning they hem twice daily. Eyes are blood red and irritated. Eyes appear as though they have clouds on.


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The classic markings of a gold and white, black and white, brindle and white, liver and white, and blue and white Shih Tzu are, a dark colored bandit look over the eyes, a white top knot on the forehead, a white area around the neck, four white paws, and some type of white tip on the tail (it may be a small or large marking) A corneal ulcer can result from a Shih Tzu scratching his or her eye. A tear on the eye is usually not visible, but signs of an ulcer include your dog keeping his eye only half open, the dog closing his eye more often than usual, or the Shih Tzu having more tears than usual

Adopt Cricket a Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier. Shih-Tzu · Liberty Center, OH. Cricket is a 4yr old spayed female Shih Tzu/ Yorkie mix. She weighs 8 lbs. Cricket wants to be your best friend. She loves to play lap do... Tools. Cricket ·Over 4 weeks ago on Petfinder.com Shih Tzu breed can suffer from many different eye issues. All eye affections must be considered serious as they may reflect another underlying health problem, pet owners should immediately consult a veterinarian if eye disorders occur, before any complication may occur. It is always recommended to look for issues in eyes or other areas when you.

Shih Tzu information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. That face! Those big dark eyes looking up at you with that sweet expression ***A shih-tzu with a LIVER/CHOCOLATE nose is a Rare Liver Shih-Tzu ***A shih-tzu with a BLUE nose, it is a Rare Blue Shih-Tzu 1.Black Nose: this is the most common shih-tzu, these are everywhere. If the shih-tzu has a black nose black eye rims, lips, and pads, then the color of the coat determines what color the dogs is

Adopt Gia a Tan/Yellow/Fawn Shih Tzu / Mixed dog in Cincinnati, OH (31603342) Shih-Tzu · Cincinnati, OH. Gia is a 14 month old Shih Tzu/Terrier mix. She weighs 12 lbs. Gia had an unfortunate start in life coming from a hoarding situa more. Tools Find the perfect shih tzu puppy for sale in houston, texas at next day pets. I have 6 beautiful shih tzu puppies available for rehome as pet only. I am a small hobby breeder of imperial shih tzu. The current median price of shih tzus in texas is $1,575.00. 6 beautiful shih tzu puppies rehoming

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When a Shih Tzu's coat is left long, most of the shed hairs get caught in the long coat; instead of falling out on your floor, they only get removed when you brush your Shih Tzu. If you clip your Shih Tzu into a shorthaired dog, now there is no long coat to catch the shed hair, so it will fall onto the floor, furniture, clothing, etc Dark eyes its no wonder why lot of people think that it is intelligence of this as long as you shih tzu blue eyes wash. Instead of short hair and is kept in a cool comfortable inside the crate. Instead of short hair and is kept in a cool comfortable inside the crate Blue eyes and white eye rims send a red flag to me for genetic predisposition to eye defects in their puppies. Many crystal blue eyed shih-tzu go blind early in life which I assume is like albino, a lack of pigment needed to see. A shih tzu with one blue eye is NOT RIGHT and should not be bred. The eyes should be dark and clear for sale, 12 week old female Shih Tzu, full blood, with amazing blue eyes all shots and wo. Americanlisted has classifieds in Tulsa, Oklahoma for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cat Both eyes are blue, and resembles they will certainly stay that color. He will come near date on shots, and be dewormed and groomed prior to get. Both moms and dads on site. Mother is predominately white w/gold. Papa is solid red liver with amber/green eyes. Dogs will be basic shih-Tzu size, approx. 12-14lbs. full grown

Dalmatians with blue eyes are more likely to be deaf than those with brown eyes, and it is believed that the lack of pigmentation in the coat causes the problem. Do Shih Tzu Colors Affect Behavior? In terms of behavior, there have been a few studies centered around English Cocker Spaniels A few dog breeds such as the Siberian Husky and the Border Collie have a dominant blue eye gene that is independent of coat color. Dogs inheriting this gene will have blue eyes (or just one blue eye - a condition called wall eye) ranging from a light, nearly white-blue to a deep sky blue Blue - Only if the Shih Tzus nose is blue, will this be the official color of the fur. At birth they look black. Can take up to 8 months to see it change to blue. Nose will have a purple or blueshine. ( like an eggplant color). In the sunlight you see a haze of blue. It's beautiful color and rare. Shades of Blue= Eggplant to Blue While less common, some Shih Tzu's are allergic to airborne allergens like pollen or dust. Symptoms include itching, redness in the eyes, rashes, an upset stomach, and a lack of appetite. Very rarely are allergies life threatening, but they often make your dog quite uncomfortable

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The classic markings of a gold and white, black and white, brindle and white, liver and white, and blue and white Shih Tzu are, a dark colored. bandit look over the eyes, a white top knot on the forehead, a white area around the neck, four white paws, and some type of white tip on In some dog breeds, blue eyes can be an indicator of possible vision defects. However, they do not necessarily mean a blue-eyed dog will eventually go blind. While Siberian Huskies and other breeds normally have blue eyes, in other breeds this eye color occurs when two merle-colored dogs produce offspring. While such. Why does my Shih Tzu eyes stink? It is normal for some eye gunk to seep occasionally from a Tzu's eyesand some dogs will have health issues that cause the eyes to tear quite excessively. Both of these issues can cause Shih Tzu odor. Some may mistake this for bad breath, when in fact the smell is coming from under and around the eyes Shih Tzu. . Choose board. Save. Shitzu Puppies. Blue eyed Shih tzu puppies. Saved by LeAnne Hodges. 86. Shitzu Puppies Tiny Puppies Cute Little Puppies Cute Save. Shitzu Puppies. Blue eyed Shih tzu puppies. Saved by LeAnne Hodges. 86. Shitzu Puppies Tiny Puppies Cute Little Puppies Cute Puppies Puppys Shih Tzu Hund Shih Tzu Puppy Shih Tzus. Dogs with blue eyes are rare but beautiful! Let's talk to six dog breeds who occasionally get the blue-eyed gene. Shih Tzu mix who has straight white fur with tan undertone blotches on hips.

1 Month Old Pure bred Shih-tzu pupps with Blue Eyes - $900 (Monterey Park) < image 1 of 16 > model name / number: 3235728459. QR Code Link to This Post. 1 Month Old Pure bred Shihtzu pupps with Blue Eyes , Serious inquires only. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7356368371 Shih Tzu Blue Eyes For Sale Former investment banker I became a college adjunct professional then 10-15 minutes as they may become frustrated and tires your first things to do. Good firm instruction is most essential component of this breed - don't let that stop him from having the dog's outdoors more frequently up until the actions Most blue shih tzu's have grey eye rims, grey lips and foot pads. Some I have seen have a blue tint to their skin in some spots. A blue shih tzu can have any color coat. Just because the coat on a dog looks blue does NOT make it a blue shih tzu. Go by the Nose. You can tell the colors better in bright light outdoors

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  1. Tessa is a four year old, 10 pound Pekinese mix. She has gorgeous blue eyes which compliment her white coat so well! She is a true lap dog and wants to be right beside you or in your lap at all times. Tessa takes a little while to warm up. She is shy around new people but always sweet and friendly
  2. Lovable and playful shih tzu puppies, 1 male with blue eyes and 1 female with brown eyes... Shih Tzu, Texas » Groesbeck. $1,000. Puppy for sale jailenemeza31. Goes by Luna. About 12 weeks old. Very playful, lovable, & does very well aroun.. Shih Tzu, Texas » Waco. $175. Premium
  3. Four pros of Shih Tzus. 1. Have gorgeous coats. Shih Tzu's can be found in a wide variety of colors. These include gold & white, red & white, gold with a black mask, black & white, liver, solid black, and brindle & white. These pups may also have blue eyes. Their coats can be kept long or groomed shorter depending on your lifestyle and.
  4. Tiny Shih Tzu in rare colors ( Choc, Blue, Red, Solid White,e 164.67 miles. Breed: Shih Tzu. 653. Location: Culpeper, VA. AKC Shih Tzu Puppies are available now Including chocolate, solid white, Blue and parti colors, etc. Our puppies are gorgeous with quality champion li. Displaying: 1 - 25 of 518

EYES - The large, round eyes are placed well apart, looking straight ahead. The eyes are not prominent. They are very dark in color, but may be lighter in liver and blue-pigmented dogs. Eye rim pigment is black, except on liver-colored dogs, when it is liver, and on blue-pigmented dogs, when it is blue 1 Month Old Pure bred Shih-tzu pupps with Blue Eyes $900 (lax > Monterey Park) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1,300. favorite this post Jul 31 shih tzu $1,300 (psp > Cathedral City) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $2,000. favorite this post Aug 1 Puppies Shih Tzu

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Blue Heaven Shih Tzu, Warrenton, North Carolina. 3,338 likes · 48 talking about this. At Blue Heaven Shih Tzu we offer beautiful, healthy and well socialized puppies in beautiful rare colors Blue - a pure blue Shih Tzu dog usually has a blue nose but can have other coat colors. This color is only seen clearly with a natural light for usually it appears to be like the color charcoal. Red - this is another solid color that looks like a dark orange. The nose and other points are black in color

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Abby BLUE EYES - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in New Castle, IN. Female. $1,600. Alice - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in New Castle, IN. Female. $800. Archie BLUE EYES - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in New Castle, IN. Male. $1,400. Anson - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in New Castle, IN The blue silver Shih Tzu is a dog that can be tricky to find. Unlike most other silver Shih Tzu combinations, these dogs have blue noses. This is because blue Shih Tzus aren't determined by the color of their coat, but rather, skin - but more on that later on. The coat of the blue silver Shih Tzu can have larger or smaller areas of a silver. 1 Month Old Pure bred Shih-tzu pupps with Blue Eyes $900 (lax > Monterey Park) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $500. favorite this post Jul 25 3 Month Shih Tzu Mix Puppy for sale $500 (lax > Whittier) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1,200

Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale -Will be ready mid-May 455.15 miles. Breed: Shih Tzu. 696. Location: Columbia City, IN. I have seven of the cutest puppies. They will be ready for their homes mid May. Mother is a pure breed Shih Tzu and the father is a Shih Tzu, Maltes Shih Tzu #141 (Dark Brown, Blue Eyes, Yorkie) - Littlest Pet Shop (Retired) Collector Toy - LPS Collectible Replacement Single Figure - Loose (OOP Out of Package & Print) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Ages: 3 years and up. Aurora World Inc. - Flopsie - 12 Stella Shih Tzu. 4.5 out of 5 stars 5 To protect the Shih Tzu's eyes from being irritated, the hair on the top of the head should be trimmed short or tied up into a topknot. If you don't want to have to spend time on your dog's coat, the Shih Tzu can look adorable when clipped into a puppy trim by a professional groomer The Shih Poo is a mix between the toy poodle and Shih Tzu. Parent Breeds: Toy Poodle & Shih Tzu. Both of his parents are small, but they both have big personalities, so you can expect a personality twice as big with the Shih-Poo.In addition to his friendly and loving nature, he is obedient and intelligent, with quite a bit of energy just like many other Poodle mixes, thanks to his Poodle. 10 week old Blue sHiH tZu looking for their Forever homes Fee Applies The Male has blue eyes..contact ::: six02-8five7-two8six1 Females have grey eyes. 1st Vaccines and deworming's are done. Doing great on puppy pads! **If AD is up they are available, so don't ask I won't answer!! do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer

The Shih Tzu is a wonderful toy companion with locks of long fur that put even the best show dogs to shame. It's not hard spotting a Shih Tzu in the wild. In fact, they're famously known for their adorable underbites and dark beady eyes.. These dogs have a long, royal history in ancient China. Do you know why they make some of the best lapdogs today? It's because they were originally. The Shih Tzu is a sturdy little dog with a short muzzle and large dark brown eyes. They have a soft and long double coat. Although sometimes long, a Shih Tzu will not always have extremely lengthy hair like the Pekingese (but with short legs). Some of them have more short, curly hair. This is purely a choice made by the owners Littlest Pet Shop LPS #141 Brown YORKIE SHIH TZU PUPPY DOG Blue Eyes Real Hair. $8.16. Was: $10.88. $4.92 shipping

This Shih Tzu is liver colored. Notice that her nose, eye rims, and mouth are the typical of the liver color. The hair is often called chocolate but chocolate is not an offical AKC color. Blue is another confusing color. A true blue Shih Tzu will have a blue nose, but can have other colors of hair Silver Bells - Yorkies and Shih Tzu. July 8 at 1:33 PM ·. Baby blue eyes is on the way to New York. 1 Share Lovable shih tzus. Lovable and playful shih tzu puppies, 1 male with blue eyes and 1 female with brown eyes. Both have their own unique personalities and love cuddles. They are up to date on shots and raised in home. Well socialized with other pets and children. They come with vet health check and shot records We produce rare and beautiful shih tzu colors such as lavenders, silvers, brindle, blacks, gold, rare blues and reds with black masks and silky soft double coats. We have dobie patterns in liver, black, chocolate and blue. We have imperial and standard sized. We have blue eyed, green eyed and traditional eyes Shih Tzu Painting, Animal Art, Shih Tzu Painting, Shih Tzu Watercolor, Shih Tzu Art, Dog Art, Shih Tzu Retriever, Dog Decor, Dog Print. KayeBishopStudios. From shop KayeBishopStudios. 5 out of 5 stars. (224) 224 reviews. $15.00. Only 1 available and it's in 6 people's carts. Favorite

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Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu is a sweet and playful family companion. He's bolder than his small size suggests, but gets along well with strangers and other animals. Any. Coat- Luxurious, double-coated, dense, long, and flowing, can be slightly wavy. Shih Tzus are an independent breed, known for their intelligent and lovable nature The shih tzu is a sturdy toy breed, weighing anywhere between 9-16 pounds. They are best known for their long, silky, luxurious double coat, which can be found in 14 different colors-including black, black and white, gray and white, and red and white-and three different markings

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Newborn shih tzus tend to sleep up to 22 hours a day, weaned puppies up to 20-21 hours, adolescent adult shih tzus sleep 12-16 hours each day, and older shih tzus up to 19 hours per day. It is only a point of concern if your Shih Tzu's sleeping patterns change dramatically. Your Shih Tzu is the ultimate in lap-dog skills and loves nothing. The Shih Tzu is always at the top of anyone's cutest dog list. Originally from Tibet, the Shih Tzu was popular with Chinese Royalty and when you look at this picture-loving pup with his gorgeous long ha and adorably large eyes, you will definitely understand why he is so loved Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59

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The Shih Tzu eyes are prone to infection, injury, and disease, but unless your puppy has inherited a known ocular disease, many problems can be avoided. Most Shih Tzu eye problems can be prevented through scrupulous attention. Unlike brushing and bathing, eye care is easy and quick, but should be done daily. About Shih Tzu Eyes Well, sounds like maybe he is an albino dog. All mammals albino tend to have white hair, light blue eyes and very pale skin. Maybe is you try albino Shih Tzu in a search engine you will find another like him The eyes are large, round, and prominent with dark rims, except for blue or liver pigmented dogs, which may have lighter eyes. All Shih Tzu puppies are born with blue eyes and you may occasionally see a dog that retains the blue into adulthood. They are rare, though, and blue eyes are not considered to fit the breed standard. Image sourc Shih Tzu owners have to be careful about the cloudy haze over the eyes that come into being when they become old. While the blue haze over the eyes is harmless and indicates that your dog is aging, however, a white haze may be a symptom of cataract that may lead to loss of vision The colors of Liver and Blue can vary from light to dark. Black Nose: Black nosed Shih Tzu's color is determined by the coat color. Liver Nose: A dog is considered a Liver if the shade of nose is in the brown color pallet. This can range from dark chocolate to light cream. Their coats can be any shade in this range

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My three-year-old Shih Tzu has I gunk that has to be cleaned every day I mean a lot a real lot is that normal. Reply. Pam. November 5, 2017 at 11:14 pm (Shih-Tsu/Yorkie) and her eyes leak a. This breed receives its blue eyes as a package deal with the same gene that results in a merle (that is, splotchy) coat. This combination gives them an air of being free-spirited and a little on the wild side (in a good way, of course).. However, Aussie Shepherds are incredibly clever and are much more likely to impose order rather than chaos. Their history as herding dogs gives them a. Blaze ~ A white stripe running up the center of the face, usually between the eyes usually ends before the crown of the head. Collar or Shawl ~ White marking around the neck, can be a full circle or partially around the neck. Dobie or Tan Points ~ Many Shih Tzu breeders refer to tan points (markings like a doberman pincher) as dobie. There are. Bella is an amazing Top Platinum Quality Shih Tzu. She is 10 weeks old and will be 4 pounds 11 ounces full grown. Platinum quality and coat. Fabulous face, big eyes and perfect personality. Very loving and loves to be in your lap or in your arms. Platinum Quality girl. Exclusive Quality

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They are available in a multitude of colors, often mixed with white. With wide-set, dark eyes, you'd find a Shih Tzu quick to love and adore. Temperament: Historically known for being a lap dog to many a royalty, the Shih Tzu is a very affectionate puppy that loves to make its bed in your lap. They can easily trust people and are a lover of. Our Shih'tzu all have the cutest teedy-bear face's !! Our Shihtzu have thick flowing coats, short cobby body's and great personalities. Beautiful little E-woks !! Our Shih'tzu normally weigh between 8 to 12 pounds. At www.tcupsandtoypups.com we have some of cutest Yorkie , Maltese, Shih'tzu, & Morkie you will find in Georgia for sale Check the dog's eyes. Shih Tzu have large, wide eyes. Their eyes are very dark (though may be slightly lighter on liver and blue colored dogs), round, and placed well apart, according to the AKC. 5. Look for a squashed-like nose..